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Relaxation Massage

At Mosman Massage, we offer an unhurried relaxation massage based on traditional Asian techniques. Our masseuses are all trained in massage therapy, and your satisfaction is assured. Make a selection of massage lotion or oil and discuss with your masseuse your preferences. We do recommend completing the treatment with a soothing head massage that will surely transport you to another world of tranquillity.

  • Full body relaxing massage - lay down, close your eyes and float away as your masseuse takes you to new levels of relaxation. Thoroughly enjoyable!
  • Stimulating foot massage - enjoy the feeling of each individual part of your feet and toes being firmly stroked to restore muscle alignment and release tension.
  • Fabulous head massage - a wonderful way to finish the therapy - especially the brow and sinus massage to release toxins - make sure you have a drink or two afterwards.
Therapeutic Massage

We offer treatment for tight muscles and minor injuries using traditional Asian techniques - muscles are stroked and kneaded gently, restoring balance and harmony.

  • Swedish Massage - a system of long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration and shaking motions that apply pressure between muscles and bones. This is a gentle style of massage, hence mainly used for relaxation
  • Aromatic Oil Massage - a premium service featuring the use of fragrant oils.
  • Traditional Chinese treatments - cupping, ear candling, reflexology and aromatherapy

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Massage Prices

30 Mins $50
45 Mins $65
60 Mins $80
90 Mins $120
120 Mins $160

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Looking for Relaxation Massage near Mosman / Cremorne / Spit Junction?

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